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Wooden Baseball Bats Vs. Aluminum Baseball Bats

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Wooden Baseball Bats Vs. Aluminum Baseball Bats

Author: Dave Brandley

What advantages are there with an aluminum baseball bat? What benefits are there with a wooden bat? This is a question that most baseball players ought to look into when they are purchasing a new baseballor softball bat. In this article, the differences between the two will be described so you are able to make the decision yourself.

One of the limitations of the aluminum bat is that the bat's weight has a more uniform distribution. There is less mass in the bat's barrel and this makes the bat have a less effective collision with the ball. The ball will generally leave the bat faster and more quickly with a heavier bat than it does with a bat that is lighter. Only the barrel has an effect on turning the baseball around andpropelling it back at a high speed. The aluminum bat's barrel cannot have the same effect as wood bats do. The aluminum baseball bat also compresses when the bat collides with the ball. This effect slows the ball as it comes off the bat. Wood bats don't compress, however, the ball will, and will lose more energy than an aluminum baseball bat.

An aluminum baseball bat is hollow, while baseball bats made of wood are solid. This is incredibly important because it makes a difference in the weight and the center of gravity for the bat. For a wooden baseball bat, to make the bat fatter or longer, the bat must also weigh more. For an aluminum bat, the shell can be made more thinly so the bat doesn't have to be heavier. The aluminum baseball bat is more flexible in this manner and provides players a lot more options without having to get a bat that is so heavy.

Because wooden baseball bats are solid, the majority of the weight is in the barrel of the bat. This means that the center of gravity has to be further away from the hands. Thealuminum baseball bat is a lot more flexible and as a result, the center of gravity may be placed closer to the hands. Because the center of gravity is not as far from the hands, an aluminum baseball bat can have a swing weight that is lower. The bat, however, may weigh just as much as a wooden bat. Aluminum baseball bats are able to have a swing weight that is lower, as the bat's weight is closer to the hands. What that does is make the baseball bat easier to swing instead of the center of gravity and weight being further from the hands as it is in a wooden bat. Because the bat is easier to swing, the player can have a swing that is faster which results in the ball coming off the bat faster and more quickly. This is a clear-cut advantage that an aluminum bat has over a wooden one.

One advantage of the aluminum bat is that it's able to be a lot more forgiving. Batters will still make contact with the ball and get a good hit. If you hit the ball too close to the handle with a wooden bat, it is more likely to break. This makes aluminum bats far better for hitting inside pitches. A great deal of college baseballplayers have a difficult time making the transitional to the big leagues, because in college they nearly exclusively use aluminum bats. Pro bats are all wood and as a result, players have a rather hard timegetting comfortable with the weight.

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